NPC members stage fast backing Tamil prisoners

jaffna-tna-hunger-strike-131015-400-seithyNorthern Provincial Council (NPC) members staged a fast in Jaffna today backing the Tamil political prisoners who had launched a hunger strike yesterday.

NPC Chairman CVK Sivagnanam as well as Tamil National Alliance and EPDP members of the NPC took part in the fast.

Tamil political prisoners at key prisons around the country began a fast unto death on Monday, demanding their release.

The Prisons Department said that Tamil political prisoners at the Welikada prison were among those who were taking part in the fast.

The prisoners are calling for a Presidential pardon and have refused to suspend the fast till they get an acceptable solution. (Colombo Gazette)

TULF notes pathetic plight of fasting prisoners

In a letter to President Maithripala Sirisena, Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) Secretary General V. Anandasangaree raised concerns over the plight of about 250 prisoners detained in various prisons all over the country who were engaged in a fast since Monday.

“It is very unfortunate, Your Excellency, that I have no status to speak on their behalf except that I am a Human being, a senior citizen of 82 years old, a lawyer with 50 years of seniority, although not in practice now, 17 years in Parliament, deprived of about 20 years of representation in Parliament by unfair means and having a crime free clear record. I hope these are sufficient enough for me to intervene on behalf of these unfortunate Prisoners. All these years all the Politicians who intervened on behalf of the Prisoners claimed them as political prisoners and their claims had been consistently disputed as offenders by the Minister of Justice. There must be a fixed term of imprisonment as punishment for any offence and that can’t be more then 20 years for any offence in the penal code (Exclusive of fines). If they had been detained for 20 years obviously they are over punished,” he said………..    read all

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