TNA confident of sweeping victory

Former Batticaloa district Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian,
P. Ariyannethran said at Ampilanthurai that his party would capture all local authorities in the North and East at the forthcoming Local Government election scheduled to be held in next year.

He added that all local authorities had been dissolved and defunct. The government is in a mess to decide the procedure of holding local government election. But however, the local government election in the North and East would be in favour of the TNA.

He said that TNA is firm in its stand that minority communities should live in the country united and without any division. TNA has shown its willingness by supporting the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress to capture power in the Eastern Provincial Council (EPC). But it is felt that the Provincial Council administration has not provided the TNA its due share as expected.

“The EPC does not belong to one community. If one community feels that its due share is not given then that community would fight to get its share in the administration. The council is like as public market where all communities want the administration to serve them alike without difference,” he said.

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