Mahinda gave Pillayan a contract to kill Maithri!

pillayanFormer eastern province chief minister Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan, presently under CID custody, has confessed that he was given a contract by Mahinda Rajapaksa when he was the president to kill the then minister and SLFP general secretary Maithripala Sirisena.

 PiIlayan was arrested and is being kept under detention orders on suspicion that he had conspired, aided and abetted and supplied arms to kill TNA MP Joseph Pararajasingham.

He has said that Rajapaksa had told him personally to kill Sirisena in the eastern province or in Polonnnaruwa, and that he got ready to do that in Colombo as he would be accused if that was done in the EP, and when he told him about that, the ex-president said, “I will be suspected if that is done in Colombo.”

Later, on an agreement reached, an attempt was made through a female suicide bomber to kill Sirisena at Boralesgamuwa near Colombo, but the incumbent president had narrowly escaped, PiIlayan has confessed.

 About two years ago, the then opposition was informed of this entire plan through a leading Muslim businessman, but no action was taken, he has said.

Explaining the reason for killing Pararajasingham, Pillayan said that was done to give Rajan Satyamurthi an opportunity to go to parliament, but before that was done, Satyamurthi was murdered by the the LTTE.

Pararajasingham was a puppet of the LTTE, he has said. Military intelligence got other Tamil groups to kill another LTTE puppet B. Ariyanendran, who was elected to parliament thereafter, Pillayan has confessed further.

He has also said that two T-56 weapons were used to kill Pararajasingham, and that one gunman was killed in a later operation, while the other is out of the country now.

After the division of the LTTE, the lower ranked members of the organization were manipulated by the military intelligence, which provided all the facilities for Tamil gunmen to commit murders in several parts of the island, Pillayan has revealed. Based on this information, the CID is to question several membes of the military intelligence.

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