Plight of Tamils should be remembered – Prof. Yogarajah

By Pranavesh Sivakumar

Prof. S. Yogarajah from the Eastern Province University’s Tamil Department has urged that the next generation should also be mindful of the plight the Tamil minority people have undergone.
“The person behind the establishment of Ampara District’s Tamil Writers’ Union late Kamalaambihai Lohitharajah had enormously served for the society and is really laudable. She always proved and prevailed to bring out the rich history of the district. Every writer should attempt to bring out the history of its distict,” professor hailed the late writer.
Prof. S. Yogarajah hailed the late Kamalaambihai the instrument behind Ampara District’s Tamil Writers’ Union at a memorial lecture held at the community centre in Kalmunai recently. “She chiefly made the world aware of the reality. As far as our society is concern the education related service goes unnoticed and unappreciated. That is because such great people and their substantial contribution gets unrecognized. But immense significance is being given for such contributors for top countries today,” he said.
Besides writing and literature those who served substantial amounts for schools, universities and higher educational institution and have groomed and given good products always go unappreciated. Nor respect is paid for such people.
“Today a number of religious places belonging have been demolished and destroyed. There’s clearly no evidence such places prevailed. Vast number of women have been as writers as well as literary figures. However, the post-marriage has brought them down to only a handful of people remaining,” he recalled the pitiful past.

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