Foreign Ministry says not yet presented any formal nomination for SL HC post in London

The government has not as yet presented any formal nomination for the post of Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to the Court of St. James, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said last week.

Clarifying The Sunday Island story headlined “Foreign Secretary new SL’s HC in London”, the Ministry said that Mrs. Chitranganee Wagiswara has not been nominated to head the mission in London.

Note by our London Correspondent Sujeewa Nivunhella: As the SL High Commission in this key European capital still remains headless for more than one year (since the resignation of Dr. Chris Nonis following the incident of alleged assault involving then External Affairs monitoring MP Sajin de Vass Gunawardane in October 2014), there was intense speculation that finally a decision had been made to nominate Mrs. Wagiswara.

I did double-check the story with some Sri Lankan envoys based in Europe and also with a senior government official, who didn’t want to be identified, and their indication was that Mrs. Wagiswara was being considered as a potential nominee as she is a senior career officer.

This position was also confirmed by some Foreign Ministry officials in Colombo, but after the story was published, the panjandrums in Colombo have suddenly realized that it’s the right time now to “clarify” that Mrs. Wagiswara is also out of the picture!

Mrs. Rosy Senanayake politely declined the London-based top job. So did Kumar Sangakkara. More than one year has gone by since our envoy in the British capital stepped down. The Foreign Ministry continues its head-hunt and, now and then, ventures out to “clarify” a point or two when the speculation gets too intense.


Various names will crop up as potential nominees and speculation will begin to hot up until and unless the collective heads are put together to fish out a career diplomat or otherwise as Sri Lanka’s representative to the Court of St. James.

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