32 Tamil political prisoners to be release on November 9

Attending a meeting held at the Jaffna District Court Complex in Jaffna on 04 November 2015 with judges and lawyers Minister of Justice Wijeydasa Rajapaksa stated that the Attorney Generals Department’s special team is considering the release of some of the Tamil detainees, where there are no serious charges, no credible evidence. And others, in possible case, will be given bail, both in High Court and the Magistrate Court.

He went on to note that those who have already been indicted will have an accelerated trial proceeding to finish all those cases as soon as possible.”

Commenting on the death penalty, he stated that the there is a resolution adopted by the UN since 2008 in countries where the capital punishment is in operation – but in law they they will not execute those punishments He added that Sri Lanka is a country where the death penalty is in operation in law but practically it is not executed, which is the current position.

32 Tamil political prisoners to be release on November 9
Opposition leader R.Sambanthan announced 32 Tamil political prisoners by 9th of November and 30 other prisoners would be release prior to 20th of November.
At present discussions are underway to grant general amnesty to release 48Tamil political prisoners.

It was requested to release Tamil prisoner prior to the Deepavali festival and staged hunger strike protest this regard

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