13A To Be Removed?

20151131065036734_20by Ranjith Gunawardena

Minister of Local Government and Provincial Councils Faizer Mustapha says if measures are not taken to devolve police and land powers to the provinces, another amendment should then be introduced to the Constitution declaring the removal of such powers from being devolved to the provinces.

Mustapha expressed this view when questioned on the devolution of land and police powers to the provinces under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

According to Mustapha, leaders of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), who declared their views in favour of the devolution of police and land powers to the provinces in the international arena, have not declare such views locally as they try to deceive the majority of Sinhalese in the country.

He added that even though he has nothing against devolving land and police powers to the provinces, when it comes to police power, they need to study the matter properly before any devolution of power is done to the provinces.

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