150 Tamil Prisoners on Hunger Strike – Hartal in the North & Jaffna paralyzed

The Jaffna district is paralyzed due to the complete stoppage of work and survey reveals that except for some stray incidents of stone-throwing on the moving vehicles in the roads, it is a spontaneous one without organizers using either any force or compulsion.

Demanding the release of the Tamil Poltical Prisoners, a full Hartal is being now on in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

Tamil National Alliance and the Jaffna University Teachers & Students associations are behind this call for a complete hartal.

Northern Province Traders Association has called their members to close their business establishments & shops. Also the Northern Province Transport Ministry has urged for the stoppage of the bus service.

Ceylon Teachers Association, as well as the Ceylon Tamil Teachers Association has called on the student population to avoid attending schools.

In the meantime, Mr. M.B.R.Pushpakumara Commissioner General of Prisons when speaking to Asian Tribune said at present nearly 150 Tamil Prisoners are avoiding food in all prisons in the country.

He also said that so far they have admitted six Tamil prisoners, who were avoiding food, in the prison hospital, as their condition became worse.

Commissioner General of Prisons also said that by next week, Attorney General Department is expected to recommend for the bail of another group of 31 prisoners.

When pointed out that so far the earlier group of 31 prisoners who were granted bail has so far not released, Mr. Pushpakumara, Commissioner General of Prisons said that majority of the prisoners who were granted bail have so far failed to fulfill the bail conditions imposed by the court.

He added that already one prisoner who fulfilled the bail condition has been released and he expects another three to four prisoners who were given bail are expected to fulfill their bail condition and move out the prisons, most likely by today.

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