We are being cheated continuously! – The prisoners on hunger strike inside prisons express their grievances

Relatives of the Tamil political prisoners have said that they expressed their grievances about the fact that they are being continuously cheated with respect to their release.

Tamil political prisoners started their hunger strike in relation to their release again and yesterday it was fifth day of their protest. The prison sources said that many of the protesting prisoners are seen weak and tired.

In relation to this when the political prisoners commented through their relatives, they said,

We are continuing our protest for the fifth day today. However no assurances have been provided to us with respect to our release.

Several people among us who are detained on suspicion have no cases filed against them. Other people have cases filed, got punishment and appealed against their judgement in a higher court. No assurance has been given to any of the above categories of people.

None of their decisions on this is known with respect to this and it has not been made public till now. But only the President Maithiripala Sirisena has all the authority to decide on this. He should explain his stand on this publicly.
Only such an announcement will instill some hope among the political prisoners involved in hunger strike.

We are in a situation that our future is a question mark, considering the fact that we are locked up in a cell with walls on all the four sides. All of our family members and relatives have been longing for our release and spend their time. They were pushed into such a situation that they can’t carry out their daily life. In this situation, the decision to grant us bail and taking us to courts in various provinces will increase the burden on our families.

Hence we consider that providing amnesty to be the final relief. We humbly request the father of this nation, our President to understand the truth behind our requests and take decision accordingly.

Tamil political prisoners in Batticaloa prison gave up their hunger strike

DSC_0006Tamil political prisoners in Batticaloa prison have given up their hunger strike from Tuesday onwards. This decision to withdraw from hunger strike is taken after the situation of government planning to take advantageous decision to them.

When they were about to end their strike on Tuesday, Tamil National Alliance parliamentary members S. Yogeswaran, G. Srinesan, S. Viyazhendiran and Eastern province Agricultural Minister K. Thurairajasingham visited Batticaloa prison.
Moreover they had discussions with the political prisoners there and gave them tender coconut to bring their hunger strike to an end.

TNA Parliamentary member S. Yogeswaran expressed his thanks for the actions taken by the President and Prime Minister towards the release of Tamil political prisoners.


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