3 Navy Men arrested over Secret Camp

Two officers and a rating have been arrested for questioning in connection with the UN-exposed secret camp within the Trincomalee naval base, ‘radiogagana.com’ reports.

A senior official said on condition of anonymity that the Navy was assisting the CID investigation but He declined to identify the arrested persons.

 The ITJP said in June 2015 that Lt. Commander K.C. Welagedara was the head of the the torture site known as ‘Gota’s camp’ until 2010, after which Lt. Commander Ranasinghe took over.

Meanwhile, the government says there no longer exists a secret camp as claimed by the UN working group on enforced and involuntary disappearance.

Foreign affairs ministry spokeswoman Mahishani Kolonne told the media yesterday (19) that the government has informed the UNWGEID of is preparedness to investigate intimidation and harassment of any form.

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