The relatives of the disappeared still intimidated

The United Nations Organization asserts that still there are intimidations imposed against the relatives of the people disappeared.

The organization said that they received credible information’s when they met the relatives of the people disappeared during their tour of Sri Lanka.

A specialist team consisted with Bernard Duhaime, Tae-Ung Baik and Ariel Dulitzky told this during a media communiqué held in Colombo following their ten day tour. The UN team said that this cannot be accepted in a democratic society. The delegation said that they met 200 relatives of the people disappeared.

When the BBC inquired this from the foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera about the latter said the UN delegation disclosed this allegation when they met him.

The minister said although it is not the policy of the current government he said he knows there are malicious elements still exist in the security forces who follow the previous regime.

The delegation said that they saw three detention camps during their visit and there were 12 rooms within those camps. The members of the delegation said that they are unaware about when those camps were used at first and until when it was used.

The delegation affirmed that they found credible evidence that there was torture inflicted in the underground of the navy camp in Trincomalee. They said from the scribble written on its wall there were people secretly detained until 2010.

However the UN delegation said that those camps were not used until recently.

The UN committee recommends Sri Lanka to conduct a comprehensive investigation over the enforced disappearance caused by the Sri Lankan authority and the LTTE.

The UN delegation said that they are not satisfied with the insufficient inquiries and slow progress of those investigations.

The UN delegation said that it cannot generalize enforced disappearance caused by war, terrorism or by any means.

The United Nations emphasized that Sri Lanka has got a good opportunity to establish justice for the thousands of people disappeared during the last many decades and the necessity to punish the perpetrators who caused enforced disappearance.

The delegation would render its assistance to establish a hybrid courts recommended by the Geneva Human Rights Commission stated that the proposed special office established to search the disappeared would be able to investigate all disappearances happened during the past.

The UN delegation which accepted that the enforced disappearance which was caused during the final phase of the war has significantly reduced now said that there were no such complaints received for the past two years.

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