Mystery surrounds death of ex-LTTE member in Sri Lanka

[TamilNet, Saturday, 21 November 2015, 15:18 GMT]
A 40-year-old former member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who witnessed a four-member squad attempting to murder a person at Moon’raam-piddi on Friday, was found dead Saturday morning with his neck tightened by a piece of cloth, news sources in Mannaar said. Mystery surrounds his death as the family and those close to him have dismissed suicide as the cause of his death. The deceased was identified as Thanapalasingham Veerasingham, a father of three, who was living at Moon’raam-piddi in Iluppaik-kadavai of Maanthai West in Mannaar. Thanapalasingham was sleeping in front of his house, as he was to leave for fishing Friday morning around 4:00 a.m., the family said.

Thanapalasingham Veerasingham

Thanapalasingham Veerasingham
Thanapalasingham was not found hanging, but on the bottom of a swing, which he had put up for his 4-year-old child inside the residential premises. The piece of cloth used to tighten his neck was a Nilex Saree from the swing itself, according to his close friends who discovered him dead around 4:30 a.m. He had no personal enemies, according to the family and his friends.

Thanapalasingham, who hails from Kaithadi in Jaffna, joined the LTTE in 1990 and left the movement in 1999. He was married and settled in former LTTE administered Iluppaikkadavai in Maanthai West.

During the last phase of the war, Thanapalasingham served as a combatant in the border defence force of the LTTE. He has served in the battlefronts from Vanneari to Pokka’nai as a full time fighter.

As Thanapalasingham was bearing battle scars, he was filtered away from his family by the SL military at the barbed-wire internment camp in Vavuniyaa and was subjected to so-called military rehabilitation in 2009. He was released from the genocidal custody in 2011.

The SL police has detained the four men who were involved in the attempted murder on the previous day, to which Mr Thanapalasingham was a witness, have been detained on Saturday.

Last year, killers linked to the civil administration of the occupying Sri Lanka were behind the assassination of a former Tamil Eelam Police officer, Krishnaswamy Nakuleswaran, who was a father of two. Those alleged of involvement in the assassination were detained, but were later protected or released on bail through the involvement of a Sri Lankan minister serving the Rajapaksa regime. The same minister alleged of land grabs and instigation of communal disharmony in the district, continues to serve the regime of Srisena and Wickramasinghe.

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