Maithiri and Gotha discuss ‘War Crime’ investigations.

The former Defence Secretary accused of War Crime met President Sirisena at the latter’s Paget Road residence, last week and disussed about the promised investigation by the Sri Lankan government on War Crimes commited by the forces and the leaders who gave orders.
It was on news that the than defence seccretary in a meeting with the army had said ‘make the river red with the blood of Tamil men and the Tamil girls are  yours’. A soldier a true Buddhist was so upset with these comments by the Rajapaksha had complained to the press but due to fear of Rajapaksha’s retaliation  the news was not taken far by the journalists.
Navy-Commander-Wasantha-Karannagoda-The discussion between Maithiri and Gotha took place in the wake of a number of inquiries against the former Defence Secretary Gotha over charges of corruption and abuse of power. The Sinhala government does NOT want a International inquiry as it will be difficult to fool the international judges and save the Rajapakshe family of War Crime. If the war crime inquiry is held locally than the judgement will be in favour of Sinhalese  killers and the judges will be gifted with diplomatic appointments.
It is also said that the relationship between Maithiri and Ranil has  gone to a low level and Now Ranil wants to Help Mahinda from War Crime and a number of inquiries  over charges of corruption and abuse of power during his term of power. In return Ranil expects Mahinda to help him become the next President of Sri Lanka a long term dream he has, But knowing Mahinda a Man who will never stick to his word Ranil is sure to be a looser again.

The former Defence Secretary, who played a pivotal role during the final phase of war against the LTTE, will be at the centre of any investigation into alleged war crimes and international humanitarian law violations, political observers said.  

The discussion was based on the manner in which the former Defence Secretary will deal with the war crimes investigation, sources close to the President said. 

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