‘Northerners’ trust in govt will never be betrayed’?

The government will never forget the trust the Northern people placed on the it, Public Enterprise Development Minister Kabir Hashim said.

He made this observation in Parliament on Saturday in response to TNA MP Sumanthiran during his speech joining the second stage debate on the budget proposals.

“The government could win the international community within 11 months,” the minister said and added that the government will place special focus on reconciliation.”

The minister said that the government would not mislead by making false statements on the economy. He added that he has divulged the genuine status of the economy which was paralysed by the previous government.

“This budget can recover the paralysed economy” Hashim said. “We would create opportunities for employment”. A responsibility of a government is not to create employment but to create employment opportunities.

This budget has proposals to create more employment opportunities,he said.

Hashim said the budget indicates the direction of the economy of a country and added that the budgets presented by the previous government since 2007 were photo copies of a same document.

“Mahinda Rajapaksa said that he did not understand anything in the government. That was the reason which led him to go home before the expiration of two terms,” Hashim said.

The minister said the economy of the previous government was strengthened by casinos, ethanol and gambling.

The former regime also submitted false statistics. According to those figures the per capita income was USD 4,000 and the poverty was reduced to 6.5 percent, he said.

The minister questioned as to when the malnutrition increased to 23 percent how could the poverty be reduced to 6.5 percent?.

“They allocated 60 percent of budgetary allocations to a single family,” minister said. “But this government has allocated money to the people.”

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