27th November; A Date To Remember For Thousands

By V. Anandasangaree

V. Anandasangaree

Is it wise on the part of the Government to prevent the people from holding small religious events to commemorate the Great Heros’ day also known asMaaveerar Naal in Tamil which was held first on the 27th of November 1989, a quarter century back. Since then where ever the Tamils lived all over the world the Great Heros’ day had been commemorated in a big or small way, depending on the size of the Tamil population. Mr. Prabhakaran’s birthday falls on the 26th of November. Yet he had decreed that it is the Heros’ Day that should be commemorated.

What the Government should take into the consideration is that several youths rightly or wrongly laid down their lives for a cause which they thought was a valuable one. Many didn’t get the approval of the elders in their respective families. As far as the kith and kin of these youths are concerned they had made great sacrifices for a worthy cause. They need not be branded as supports of the Tigers. Their feeling is that they have lost a life in their family and therefore have a moral duty to have some sort of religious ceremony in his or her remembrance and for that soul to rest in peace. This is the type of religious rites we perform for our dead ones each year. Since this is going on for over quarter of a century, it is nothing but fair that even the Government should not interfere with the rights of the people who live in this country.

Another valid reason for the Government to allow this without interfering, is for the sake of the kith and kin of these martyrs some of whom still believe that Mr. Prabhakaran is till alive and on that basis large sums of money are held in trust by those who collected it to finance the requirements of the LTTE cadres. Ones the Government declares with proof that Mr. Prabhakaran is no more, it will be easy for those who hold large sums of money in trust for Prabhakaran to expend for some worthy causes.

I wish to conclude this appeal to the Government not to interfere in these matters now that Prabhakaran is no more the war is no more and only peace should survive.

Govt Issues Stern Warning Against ‘Great Heroes Day’ Remembrance

Govt Issues Stern Warning Against ‘Great Heroes Day’ Remembrance

The police last night warned that legal action will be taken against anyone who organize public events to celebrate or commemorate Maaveerar Naal (Great Heroes Day) which falls on…

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