The Tragic Death Of Chenthuran Is A Warning For All Of Us – TNA to be blamed

By V. Anandasangaree

V. Anandasangaree

The tragic news of an Advanced Level student of Kokuvil Hindu College named Rajeswaran Chenthuran committing suicide by jumping in front of an express train from Colombo, came as a rude shock to Tamils all over the world. Everyone in Jaffna and many others around the country shared the grief with the bereaved family. On the 27th, the day of cremation all schools in the peninsula remained closed as a mark of respect and to enable thousands of students from many other schools to participate in the funeral. Why did this boy do this? What did he gain except bringing unending grief for years to come, to his kith and kin. There is no one related or even known to him in jail. This is what I am worrying about. Are we heading towards a new culture.

At the funeral which I attended and made a brief speech of condolence, I found fault with the politicians including me for this unfortunate incident which may not be the last one. We should not forget the fact that fiery and stimulating speeches of some politicians contribute liberally for incidents of this nature.

What the people are asking is the release of the Tamil Political prisoners unconditionally under a general amnesty, as done two or three occasion earlier. Merely because a few politicians and radicals are protesting against the release of the prisoners, can the Government ignore the feelings of a very large section of the people all over the country irrespective of their ethnicity. The demand comes from many other countries as well. Apart from this even the JVP, New Democratic Party leader Sarath Fonseka an important personality who conducted the war Athuraliya Rathna Thero and victims very seriously affected like Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga are not opposed to the release.

I hope no one will find fault with me for linking the release of the prisoners with the other problems the minorities face in this country. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) had given the impression all over the world as the sole representatives of the Tamil people. I had denounced several times earlier too that TNA has no exclusive right to defend the Tamils and that it is no more their monopoly. Every Tamil has a right to fight for the cause of the Tamils.

I as one such person put the entire blame on the TNA for the present crises. First of all the tremendous mistake they made was their failure to include the release of the Political Prisoners as one of their conditions to support the National Government. The second grievous mistake was not to unite all Tamil groups, to form a common front to deal with the National Government all matters related to the Tamils. If the TNA persists to maintain their status quo the other Tamil parties and groups will have no alternative other than forming an alliance within themselves. It is still not too late for the TNA to work on these lines and throw open their doors for a new united alliance. They must realise that since the death of Thanthai Chelvanayagam 37 years back they are still at zero.

From the year 2004 during the past 12 years the TNA did nothing for the Tamil cause, though their fraudulent election in 2004 gave them 22 seats the maximum they could get. It is foolish for the TNA to assume that the National Government in not aware of their fraudulent conduct since 2004. The whole world also cannot be unaware about this fraud. It is nothing but fair for the TNA at least now to concede their fraudulent acts which the Tamil United Liberation Front is prepared to forgive and forget. At lease now I hope the National Government will realise its mistakes in depending fully and only on the TNA for its strength. In the interest of the country and its people the TULF will render full unconditional support for the National Government irrespective of any mistake committed by anybody earlier.

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