Ranil’s secret meeting with Mahinda to topple Maithiri?.

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe held a one-on-one meeting in the Prime Minister’s office in the Parliamentary complex yesterday.

It is claimed that Ranil and Mahinda are working against Maithiri who wants to end the Presidency after this term. Ranil who wants to be the next President of Sri Lanka has no choice other than to get the help of Mahinda who is opposed to abolishing Presidency in Sri Lanka. 

mahinda-rajapaksa-colombo-telegraphIt will be known soon if President Maithiri will be toppled and Ranil will take over as the next president.  Ex President Mahinda will support Ranil as long as President Maithiri is removed from his post. 

Recently President Maithiri promised to release the Tamil Political prisoners by 7th of December, But Ranil as the PM refused to release the Tamil political prisoners. The internal fight  between President Maithiri and PM Ranil has exposed and both are trying to show who is more powerful in the country. Mahinda is laughing and has decided to take advantage of the situation and had a closed-door meeting with Ranil who is the winner now, during the lunch break of yesterday’s parliamentary debate.

Mr. Rajapaksa spoke in Parliament immediately after the lunch break, and Mr. Wickremesinghe spoke later in the evening. They have not released a statement about there meeting.

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