Sajith: Former President has no right to claim govt. is ill-treating security forces

Housing and Construction Minister Sajith Premadasa yesterday said that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had no right to claim that the incumbent government was ill-treating and ridiculing the security forces; it was the Rajapaksa government which insulted Field Marshal (then General) Sarath Fonseka and other war heroes.

Premadasa said, “Rajapaksas threw war hero, Sarath Fonseka, who was instrumental in defeating terrorism behind bars.”

“FM Fonseka provided military leadership to the country’s war against the LTTE and the people of this country are well aware of the sacrifices made by him and his officers and men. But, the Rajapaksas were so ungrateful to a man who had defeated the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world and with the results of the 2010 Presidential election was out, the senior military officers who had worked with Fonseka were ordered to kneel down, he said.

Premadasa asked whether a government which had acted in that manner had any moral right to levelled unfounded allegations against the incumbent government.

He said Mahinda Rajapaksa who ridiculed the forces personnel was pretending to be a saint.

The Housing and Construction Minister questioned whether the previous government had provided adequate welfare facilities to the war heroes and their families with the funds allocated for the war.

“The Rajapaksas didn’t care at all for the security forces personnel who made numerous sacrifices to defend the sovereignity of the country and today they are without houses of plots of land though the previous government boasted of schemes to provide welfare measures to the security forces personnel.

The previous government was at loggerheads with a number of countries and it came to a point where some powerful nations were considering economic sanctions against Sri Lanka, which became internationally isolated.

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