Govt has let down TNA says Yogeswaran

mr-msBatticaloa District, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian, Seenithamby Yogeswaran, pointed out that the current government has failed to support the TNA in return even if his party is indirectly pledging its support to the government of good governance.

“There is a change in government but we have not changed the people. It is the same people in a new government. That is the difference between the former and present government,” he said.

Yoeswaran further said, “The TNA still believes in this government. We are indirectly supporting this government; however it has not given any support to us. We expected to secure the Chief Minister post in the East, yet the President or Prime Minister did not fulfil our expectations. We also expected that the Tamil political prisoners will be released on a general pardon, but the government did to take such action. It also assured our leader that the prisoners shall be released and our leadership trusted it words but we were betrayed,” he said

The government assured that the chairmanship for three District Coordinating Committees will be given to the TNA; however the outcome was not favourable. The government has obtained the support of the TNA at every stage but has failed to support the party when needed.
He said so at an event in Kalkuda in Batticaloa on Sunday (20).

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