Sampanthan Frowns on Tamil People’s Council

WIGNESWAREN (3)Opposition Leader and Tamil National Alliance(TNA) Leader Rajavarothayam Sampanthan said recently that his party shall not encourage acceptance of nor accept into its membership any member from any other organization without the consent of the party leadership.
He added that such acceptances would create confusions and complications in future and give rise to rifts within the TNA, which has on its own merit obtained the unanimous support of the people of the North and East.

“I cannot make any comment with regard to the formation of the Tamil People’s Council. I will make a comment later. I shall not rush it” he said.

Sampanthan added that a new organization has been democratically established to find a solution to the national question and that cannot be objected to. However the party’s leadership shall not accept it if a member of a political party establishes another organization breaching the principles of such party’s policies without the permission of the party leadership. Similarly, it cannot be accepted if members of the TNA establish an organization without the consent of the TNA leadership.

” The TNA is taking many different steps to find a suitable and permanent solution to the ethnic crisis. Such steps are not only initiated locally but internationally too. We have clearly included our goal for a suitable solution to the national question to the election manifesto. We have emphasized our goal at every meeting with international representatives. TNA Parliamentarians, Northern Chief Minister, Provincial Ministers and members have participated in such meetings,” he said.
“We look forward to stay united to settle the ethnic issue. We do not want to confuse our stand and those who are confused should understand the situation,” he added.
The Tamil People’s Council was established last Sunday under the Chairmanship of Northern Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswaran to expedite the process of finding a political solution to the national question and to address other humanitarian issues in the North and East. (MT)

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