Mahinda’s link to killers of Tamil MP’s and Journalists

Reports reaching us confirm that in a view to provoke the security forces, a chaotic and a turbulent environment is synthetically created within the country against the current government based on the allegations leveled against the security forces for political murders and abductions.
The army and navy officers has been alleged for the murder of Ekneligoda, Raviraj, Pararajasingham, Thajudeen and acquiring extortions for the release of the abducted students and legal proceedings are enforced against those members of the security forces.
Pro Mahinda factions are trying to start a protest and plan to destruct the legal proceedings when the court cases against the army is due to start the future.
Recently a protest was started in parallel to the court case of Ekneligoda.
Campign against lawyer Dilip Pieris
Meantime a stealthy and sly effort is unleashed against lawyer Dilip Pieris in the Attorney General department who efficiently leads the Ekneligoda and Thajudeen case. A protest is planned to conduct against this lawyer trying to label him as an LTTE and remove him from appearing on behalf of the case.
Mahinda Rajapaksa following the visit to see the chairman os Security & Exchange Control (SEC) Nalaka Godahewa who was in remand prison custody told the media that he met the army soldiers who are in the remand custody. Although it was not true the latter made such a statement he made this remark to achieve his stealthy political agendas.
Therefore the pro Mahinda faction is aiming is to start a racial violence by mobilizing and joining racial groups such as Bodu Bala Sena and Lion blood (Sinha Le) and recapture the power.
Recently these groups were campaigning instigating racial discrimination in few areas of the country

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