Water in NPC: Danger, not Development

I’ve noticed this only now:

A. http://www.ft.lk/article/495869/Jetwing-Jaffna-to-jump-start-northern-economy

Jetwing Jaffna to jump-start northern economy By Himal Kotelawala,13 November 2015

B. I’ve posted the following 3 comments which are awaiting moderation:


”the real reason was far less interesting”????????

You’re supposed to have done Environmental Impact Assessment before you do any project. You could have also checked the reply from the Water Board as a part of your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Did you try to check with the Environmental Authority?

2.Rajan Asirwatham, Director/Chairman, Yarl Hotels Ltd

You should have stopped the project with the following:

“And then the Water Board said they couldn’t supply water to such a place. There isn’t enough water for the citizens of Jaffna, they told us”

Please note:

Assessment of Groundwater Resources in Jaffna Limestone Aquifer, M. Thushyanthy( Department of Agricultural Engineering University of Jaffna, Jaffna Sri Lanka) and C.S. de Silva (Faculty of Engineering Technology, The Open University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka ). Tropical Agricultural Research Vol. 23 (2): 177 – 185 (2012), file:///C:/Users/PS/Downloads/4649-16553-1-PB%20(2).pdf

ABSTRACT. This study is centered on quantitative estimation of groundwater resources of a selected study area in a limestone aquifer, which is the main resource for agriculture, domestic use and water supply in Jaffna Peninsula. Inflow to the system includes groundwater recharge from precipitation and irrigation and outflow to the system includes lateral groundwater outflow and groundwater extraction. Results showed that the total average annual withdrawal from the study area (0.66 MCM) exceeded the total average annual recharge (0.57 MCM), implying that the system is in deficiency indicating unsustainable water withdrawal. A further recommendation is the establishment of an institution for a groundwater regulatory frame work to optimize the usage of groundwater and to arrest negative groundwater balance.

1.Oh, NO, NO, NO! I missed this till now!!

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