No one in TPC came through back door says Wiggy

Wigneswaran-640x400No one in the Tamil People’s Council (TPC) came through the back door, Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister and the co-chairman of the Council C.V.Wigneswaran said.
He made this remark addressing the second session of the controversial TPC held in Jaffna on Sunday (27).
“There has always been a wide gap between political principles and politics in practice. So, there must be a movement to monitor such conduct. Our people are prone to the thinking based on whether this party or that party, whether this leader or that leader. We must go beyond such fallacious thinking. Our leaders may be experts, intelligent people have always fallen a prey to praises, flatteries to the detriment of the Tamil people. So we need a people’s movement to caution them,” he said.
“It is time that we went beyond party politics. Political parties should function with expertise and transparency. Even if a political party falters, TPC will play a role as a people’s movement,” he said.
The leaders of the TPC have felt the pulse of the Tamil people and they have read the minds of the people. The leaders of the TPC live among the people as part and parcel of their lives. It is not a political party, he further stated.

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