TNA welcomes TPC activities

TNA welcomes TPC activities

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) welcomes the democratic activities taken forward by Tamil People’s Council (TPC). TNA is also ready to consider the reasonable solutions put forth by the TPC for resolving the ethnic issue in Sri Lanka.

TNA General Secretary, ITAK Leader and Jaffna District Parliamentarian Mavai Senathiraja said the above during Valikamam- East Development Advisory Committee meeting held at divisional council Puttur head office on Saturday evening led by Northern Provincial Council (NPC) Member A. Paranjyothi.

He said this when journalists posed to him a question about the TPC at the end of meeting discussions.

He further said, “We have been demanding for solutions to all the fundamental problems of Tamil people including political issues. We have also put forth a solution for the same. Now the time has come for that. Hence we should use this time in the right way and solve our issues. We welcome democratic activities of this organization and at the same time we are also ready to consider the solutions they put forth if there are good aspects in their proposals”.

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