Formation Of New Party Almost Certain: MR To Stay Away From Pro-Rajapaksa Front!

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa would not join with the new political front to be formed by the ‘Join Opposition’ for the next local government election, political sources said.

Accordingly, Rajapaksa is expected to remain neutral at the local government elections.

The purpose of forming a new party was to get pro-Rajapaksa votes and to bring forth pro-Mahinda representatives from rural areas. If pro-Mahinda voters refrain from voting, the victory of UNP would be inevitable, sources from the Joint Opposition said. However, the formation of the new front is almost certain, informed political sources also added.

 “Rajapaksa finds it difficult to leave the SLFP as he has vowed not to betray the party. His latest move could be seen as a compromise, allowing him to remain in SLFP. But that should not prevent supporters of the former President from rallying around a new political front,” a source loyal to the former President told Asian Mirror.

The new political party will be formed with the aim of contesting as a separate group at the forthcoming Local Government election.

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