Blame Govt and Muslim politicos – Salley

Blame Govt and Muslim politicos – Salley

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan

Asath-Sali-press-meetLeader of the National Unity Front Azath Salley says the government and Muslim politicians should accept total responsible for any Muslim being radicalized and enticed to leave the country secretly to join Islamic State (ISIS) forces.

He warned of an uprising along the lines of the LTTE Eelam war if the Muslims are not treated equally and suppressed instead.
Salley said he was deeply concerned about the ISIS and feared the creation of an uprising if the Muslims are given step-motherly treatment. He warned that no one would be able to prevent this happening if the Muslim community was constantly ill-treated.
Charging that his community had sustained immense sufferings under the last regime he bemoaned the fact that even the present government is negligent about their welfare.

“For instance, in Kalmuani in the Eastern Province, the government planned constructing a special Casualty Ward in the hospital there, but has now decided to add such a unit to the services in the North. The World Bank has offered funds for this project, but pressures from Tamil politicians have resulted in funds being allocated for the North.”

He added, Muslims are denied school admissions and jobs saying that “Tamils were not treated equally which is why the country suffered a civil war for 30 years.

You can also expect the Muslims to ‘react’ in similar manner and if they leave the country to enter Syria to fight along ISIS forces no one should blame them. It’s the responsibility of the government and of Muslim politicians,” he pointed out.

He said, despite the Muslims not wanting to allow their kith and kin to join IS forces, if they are cornered on every side they are liable to resent it and rebel. He said the government intelligence services needed to be vigilant about persons joining the ISIS. Many newspapers have speculated in reports that about 45 Muslims in Sri Lanka have joined the IS already.

Recent reports claimed that government intelligence agencies had warned President Sirisena about Muslim radicalists in Sri Lanka who are highly sympathetic towards the IS and are supporting the Syrian war and are deeply involved in promoting ISIS via social n media.

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