Tamil People’s Council says it will not restrict membership

The Tamil People’s Council (TPC) has said it will not limit its membership to its founder members numbering 35.

“The number of the council members will not be limited to thirty five. It will expand further as there are discussions in progress between the Office of the Convening Committee and some political parties as well as civil society organisations.”

Full text of the TPC media statement:

“The Tamil People’s Council was founded in the presence of religious dignitaries and the Chief Minister for the Northern Province to look into the Tamil people’s wellbeing, safety and integrity.

“The Tamil People’s Council (TPC) will be Co-chaired by C. V. Wigneswaran, Dr P Lakshman, Consultant Cardiologist at the Teaching Hospital, Jaffna and T Vasantharajah, the secretary of the Batticaloa Civil Society.

“A thirty five member council was formed with representations from experts from all areas including religious leaders, professionals, civil society organisations and political parties. There will be several subcommittees which will look into all the problems faced by the Tamil people.

“The subcommittees will work according to a timeframe towards a common goal and depending on the issues raised, the number of experts and advisers representing the committees can be expanded. The subcommittees will meet regularly for discussions and the Office of Convening Committee (OCC) will call the council meeting as and when the need arises to take major decisions.

“The number of the council will not be limited to thirty five people. This will expand further as there are discussions in progress regarding the membership between the OCC and some political parties as well as with civil societies.

“With the inception on 19.12.2015, the Tamil People’s Council pledges to function with truthfulness, righteousness and with no ulterior motive so that a conducive situation is established for the Tamil people.


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