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Jaffna High Court Judge M. Illanchelian has pledged to make Jaffna District a region free of criminal activities.
Judge Illanchelian was addressing his staff on 1 January and emphasized the need to work towards building a crime free Jaffna District. On the first day of 2016 the judicial officials of the Jaffna District gathered at the Jaffna Courts along with the Court staff to take their oaths ensuring efficiency and promising to render their service to the judicial service with dedication.
Addressing the event Judge Illanchelian said that the previous year had been a challenging year in maintaining law and order in Jaffna.
The High Court Judge referred to the incident of the murder of schoolgirl Vithya in Pungudutivu and the aftermath of the incident including the attack on the Jaffna Court house.
“The year 2015 ended with enormous challenges in maintaining law and order in the Jaffna District. Apart from the murder of Vithya, crimes related to drug, alcohol and sexual abuse had remained a big threat to Jaffna society. So, the judicial officials in the Jaffna District have pledged to take stern action on those who commit serious crimes. No bail will be granted to the offenders. Jaffna remains a region with rich traditional values. The region has produced magnificent personalities in various fields. So we cannot allow the good values to get deteriorated by a handful notorious people,” Judge Illanchelian said.
He also reaffirmed the commitment of the Jaffna judicial officials, in curbing all forms of criminal activities and in the New Year, pavi

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