Changing the name of the country from ”Sri Lanka to Sinhale” in the NEW Constitution..

buddhist-monks-protest-in-colombo_11BY RUWAN LAKNATH JAYAKODY

The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), the Bodu Jana Peramuna (BJP) and the Eksath Sinhale Mahajana Peramuna (ESMP) called on provisions to be included in the new Constitution changing the name of the country from Sri Lanka to Sinhale.

Chief Executive Officer of the BBS, Dr. Dilanthe Withanage said, the BBS which had previously contested at the General Election under the moniker BJP would be contesting independently at the forthcoming local government elections as the ESMP.

General Secretary of the ESMP, Dr. Nath Amarakoon added that the country’s language of use should be provided for in the new Constitution as being the Sinhalese language or Sinhala.

Apart from the aforementioned two points, the national flag should be made the Sinhale flag, last used in 1948 when Independence was gained, while proficiency and knowledge of the Sinhalese language should be made mandatory criteria for all who seek citizenship of the country and should be included thus as provisions in the new Constitution, he remarked.

images (15)“Sinhale is being misinterpreted. The problem in the Constitution is that the State’s law is not founded on the Sinhala Buddhist culture, history or values let alone the Kandyan Convention of 1815, but the foundations of Christianity brought by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was the first to bring the idea of blood in Kola-le or green-blood. Ideas like ekama-le (one blood) or manusath-le (humanity’s blood) are not challenged. We challenge Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne to prove that Ruwan Ferdinandez, former Secretary to the Foreign Affairs Minister, Mangala Samaraweera is involved in Sinhale. He is lying,” Dr. Withanage noted.

There must be a Senate or a House of Lords comprised of those who understand the country’s culture, decency and civilization, professionals, entrepreneurs, employees (including public officials, those in the private sector and those who are self-employed) including those in various chambers of commerce, industrialists and farmers, along with authors, thinkers and poets representing the culture and religions, in our Parliament, appointed not through the first-past-the-post system but on merit, Dr. Amarakoon observed, adding that each group could nominate 15 MPs while the rest come from a national list .

“The State is attempting to fool the people. The Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms has no one who knows anything about the country’s history, culture and decency. It should immediately be reconstituted. Under the guise of being a mechanism for communal harmony, it is there to appease the separatist agenda. They are trying to destroy reconciliation. Are they trying to do this through legal provisions now?

  • Those who cannot abide by these absolutes can leave the country.
  • There are no several races in this country, Only just one. All are Sinhale.
  • There are no minorities.
  • There can be ethnicities or religions.
  • The Sinhale Buddhists, the Sinhale Tamils, the Sinhale Muslims, the Sinhale Burghers and the Sinhale Malays, must all be committed to the country’s development.

It is by law and not by reconciliation that this problem can be solved, yet it is the brown sahibs who are putting forward constitutional amendments on the advice of the white sahibs. Party politics is what creates hate and racism,” Dr. Amarakoon explained.

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