Give our lands back

3BY S.S. Sakthi

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarians have placed a request with Minister of Fisheries Mahinda Amaraweera, urging the government to give back the Mayiliddy harbour and residential areas that is occupied under the Jaffna Valikamam High Security Zone (HSZ) to the people.

On Monday, Fisheries Minister Amaraweera has visited the Mayiliddy harbour in the presence of Valikamam North-Mayiliddy region people with TNA parliamentarians.

During his visit people gathered there indicated their past grievances and requested the Minister of Fisheries that those lands be released back to them. At the same time TNA parliamentarians urged the minister to release the areas back to the people so that it will benefit those currently living in camps. The minister also visited a temple nearby.

The minister addressing this meeting said, “The places in this region and harbour are currently under the control of the navy. Only the Defence Ministry can take further action on releasing these areas,. However people are asking for their lands and adjoining sea shore to be given back to them. In this situation, I will take the issues of these people to the attention of the President for sure.” 

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