Premachandran’s allegation should be investigated

Premachandran’s allegation should be investigated – Anandasangaree

Tamil United Liberation Front General Secretary Veerasingham Anandasangaree, commenting on the recent statement by former Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian and EPRLF leader Suresh Premachandran, on stealing votes, said, “Whatever said and done this is a very high handed act and Premachandran’s allegation should be investigated and the offenders should be traced and properly punished under any law, as it is not possible in this case under the election law as action should have been taken within the time limit.”

However this type of meddling with the democratic rights of the people should be thoroughly checked and prevented in future, by the adoption of fool proof methods or by any other means, he said.

Anandasangaree“Winning and losing is very common at elections. Stealing of votes at local elections is not possible because, the counting of votes starts on the spot soon after the polling closes unlike at Parliamentary elections in which ballot boxes with the votes are taken to one or more common counting centers where too, stealing of votes is not that easy, yet in some cases stealing is very cleverly manipulated,” he said.

He said these types of allegations goes on at elections with little or no strong protest made, yet some grieved parties do go to Courts in time to get redress. In the good old days there had been cases of tampering with the ballot boxes containing votes. Many years back once there was a case popularly known as ‘Trine’ case by a defeated candidate named Theja Gunawardene who unsuccessfully challenged the election of her rival candidate on the grounds of some votes found in letter boxes.

“The TULF suffered a stunning defeat at an election in which all the candidates were defeated by fraudulent means. I suffered unwanted humiliation due to some remarks cast at me, off and on, as one rejected by the people when in fact violence was used to prevent all my candidates from doing any type of campaigning at the election and even preventing them from casting their votes. This is a serious erosion of the democratic process in Sri Lanka where once democracy flourished,” he said.

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