We need Mahinda’s assistance for the new constitution – Opposition leader

The opposition leader R. Sampanthan said that it is necessary to get the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s support for the new constitution.
The opposition leader and the leader of TNA said this when he joined for a debate in parliament today for the forming of the constitutional council needed for the proposal submitted to the parliament last Saturday aiming to form a new constitution.
“Mahinda Rajapaksa is a national leader. Therefore we need his support for this national task. I think he would think about the betterment of the country and render his support” said the opposition leader.
The opposition leader said that the former president tried to bring a constitutional solution for the national problem in many instances and by giving his support for a durable solution for the national problem which can accepted by all Sri Lankans the former president too can build a new political future.
The opposition leader said there will not be a demand from the Tamil people for a separate but the people is anticipating a solution within a united undivided Sri Lanka for the national problem.

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