PM Ranil don’t know the problems of the northern people? Letter sent to CM Wigneswaren in Sinhala.

Let us sit and discuss the problems of the northern people – PM Ranil

Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe promised that he is ready to discuss the problems including the land problems of the people in the north.
Prime minister said this when he participated as the chief guest for the national Thaipongal festival. 

The Prime minister accepted the fact that 4600 acres of lands in the north are still being possessed by the military responding to a question raised by the northern chief minister as how the Tamil people would celebrate the thaipongal at a time when the Tamil people’s problems has still not been resolved.  
  • “The Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) is now an expired act,” he said, adding, that it will be remove. 
  • The prime minister said the government is ready to resolve the problems by discussion identifying the lands meant for development, necessary for the use of the people and lands needed for the security. 
  • The chief minister complained that the northern people still receive government information’s and instruction only from the Sinhala language.
  • “Another 4,600 acres of land are under the control of the military in addition to that there is more land, not as big, in the North and East.”
  • “The Constitutional Assembly will discuss with all, including (Tamil-dominated) provincial councils to have a new constitution. We will do that in a transparent manner,”
  • On the war crimes allegations, Wickremesinghe said the government would go ahead in setting up the mechanism for investigation. “All perpetrators will be dealt with.”Prime minister said that Tamil speaking people are joined not only to the police but to the security forces and said as an initial step he has instructed minister Ruwan Wijewardana to start cadetting in the schools of the north and east.

    The prime minister said not only the Tamil people but some political parties in the south also complain about the prevention of terrorism act which he believes as an outdated law and he said he is focusing his attention to introduce a new law which is still in force in the UK.

    The prime minister who gave his comments regarding the new constitution said that his government would speak with all the provincial councils and other stakeholders and introduce a new transparent constitution. “We don’t need a draft constitution. We are not ready to create a constitution with G.L. Pieris’s Junta which passed the 18th amendment.

  • Former president Chndrika Bandaranaike Kumarathunga and the Asian affairs minister of the UK. Hugo Swire also participated.
  • Tamil CM Wigneswaran said the Tamils remain unhappy with the slow progress of the reconciliation effort.
  • He said more Tamil civilian lands remain under military control and the government interfered in the administration of the northern provincial council.
  • Wigneswaran also complained about a letter sent to him in Sinhala language.

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