New political party in the offing

A new Racist political party is in the making.

Marksman_news_1328120564671wimal 101Meanwhile , the Sinhala Racist party Jathika NiIdahas Peramuna leader, ‘Big Actor’ and a close associate of Mahinda who lost the election in January 2015, MP Wimal Weerawansa who has always opposed equal rights to minority in Sri Lanka and supported the killing of minority community to gain Sinhala Votes had reportedly confirmed moves to set up a new Sinhala political party before the forthcoming provincial poll and said that they had the blessing of Mahinda Rajapaksha.

” A new political party is emerging because of the vacuum in the United People’s Freedom Alliance [UPFA] after January-eight Presidential Election.” “The vacuum was created as a result of a large number of Sri Lanka Freedom Party [SLFP] members joining with the United National Party [UNP] after they had contested the election under the UPFA ticket,” said a analyst.

10678640_732681696802609_2218721532253055532_n“The people who voted for these MPs because they contested under the UPFA, surely need representation, as they have been dictated to by those SLFP members who gained ground through their UPFA vote, ” he explained while ignoring a question raised that it was Mahinda Rajapaksha  who bought UNP MP’s offering Minister posts and paying large amount of ‘Gifts’. Interestingly analyst has never opposed the ‘purchase’ of UNP MP’s by Mahinda under his rule.

“Besides, there is no opposition party in Parliament. The Opposition Tamil National Alliance has voted with the budget for the first time in history saying that the budget was good for the country. Mahinda group has never been interested in the future of the country but only interested in getting commissions in the government contract and had played Racist card to stay in power.

“There is a section of Sinhala people in the country that opposes Geneva human rights resolution on Sri Lanka. They think that the resolution can negatively impact on Sri Lankan polity. There is no political party to represent them in the Opposition. All this call for the establishment of a new political party,” he pointed out.

Mahinda’s this NEW party will oppose the Geneva human rights resolution on Sri Lanka and support the killing of minority in the country.

NAZI MahindaMahinda Rajapaksha who promised to the western world leaders that he will implement ’13+’more than the current constitution’s 13th amendment if he is allowed to kill the LTTE and the Tamil community in thousands in May 2009. The White Men trusted him and turned away while more than 40,000 Tamil civilians were killed by Mahinda’s army and more than 1000 LTTE Leaders and their family members who surrendered with White flag after UN Negotiated the surrender were taken to secret camps and killed making UN’s negotiators as not trustworthy. But as per Sinhala tradition the Tamils were cheated after the killing when Mahinda even refused to implement the current constitution of the country and was supported by the China and Russia.

Mahinda known as a great liar lost the election in January 2015 and is now opposing any rights more than the 13th amendment as his only hope of surviving is playing the Sinhala racist card. 

download (1)Leftist political party chiefs yesterday said on being asked whether they are going to join hands with the proposed new Sinhala party, that they have not held any discussions with those political parties who had voiced their interest in the making of a new political alliance.

Communist Party General Secretary D E W Gunasekera said , ” we are not interested in forming a new political alliance.” 

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