After 60 years of discrimination government says ”All notices should be in all three languages”

Laws would be strictly implemented against the public institutions, which do not display public notices in all three languages, the Department of Official Languages today said.

Commissioner of the Department W. A. Jayawickrama said they had already informed all public institutes of the need to have notices in all three languages.

“They generally have notices in Sinhala and English and in some places just in one language. The law clearly states that public notices should be in all three languages,” he said.

The Department informed the National Transport Board, drivers at three wheeler parks, local government bodies, the Road Development Authority and a number of hospitals to have name boards, signs and notices in all three languages, in accordance with the law.

He said a unit to provide notices in all three languages to government institutions and private entities would be set up soon.

Earlier, the Department had provided the stencils and translations of notices in all three languages free of charge for those who needed the service.

“But we will charge the government approved fee for translation at the new unit,” he said.

“A fee of Rs. 150 per word would be charged for both public and private institutions,” he said.

Jayawickrama commended private institutions, who were now requesting their services to ensure customers and employees have the option of all three languages.

“Even though some have made the effort to ensure notices appear in all three languages, there were mistakes detected in some. We have requested these notices be removed and re-done,” Jayawickrama said. (Darshana Sanjeewa) – See more at:

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