DO NOT GO TO SRI LANKA – The journalist was Invited and was arrested in Katunayake

president31The journalist P. Sasikaran who was in self exile and who was arrested last 20th at the Katunayake airport upon his arrival has been released under very strict bail conditions. Following his submission in courts yesterday he was released on Rs. 10,000 bail and two 100,000 surety bails.

A court order has been enforced preventing him to leave the country and the courts have possessed his passport. The court order further restricted that Sasikaran should appear in the Katunayake police on the first Sunday of each month.

Due to the threat and intimidation enforced by the former regime Sasikaran who was a Tamil journalist and a social activist left the country in stealth to Australia.

Following the Good Governance coming to power exile journalists were invited to Sri Lanka where the latter arrived in Sri Lanka on the 20th.

Here is the letter he forward to the President and others

P. Sasikaran,
25, Sahayamatha Kovil lane,
12th January 2015
The Honorable President,
Mr. Maithripala Sirisena,
Presidential secretariat,
Colombo 01.

Dear Sir,

Request to facilitate the process to return to Sri Lanka
The above named S. Sasikaran is a Sri Lankan Tamil citizen, a journalist and media professional lived in Mamamgam in Batticaloa before leaving Sri Lanka for Australia during the troubled time. At the time I was employed with Ran FM representing Batticaloa district as its reporter and also have worked for many web sites giving my knowledge regarding the political environment. (Media ID is attached herewith)
Also during the post tsunami period I was entrusted to work as the Batticaloa District Coordinator for the People’s Planning Commission under Mrs. Sugala Kumari which was implemented with the mediation of 5 local organizations and 11 local and international commissioners and with the representation of 170 local organizations aiming to develop a community oriented plan for recovery after tsunami. At the same time I worked for National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO and its national convener is Mr. Herman Kumara) as its Batticaloa District Coordinator. Further I had been worked as a member of the CaFFE election monitoring team covering the election process in the district.

During the time of the previous regime I was subjected to life threats due to my involvement as a media person. My work and movements had been monitored by the unknown people and detected that I was been followed by the people came by white vans without number plates in many instances. Under these circumstances for the sake of saving my life, I decided to leave the country. Thus I left Sri Lanka in an illegal manner and came to Australia.

Currently I am working as a journalist for the Special Broadcasting Services (SBS), a broadcasting organization affiliated with the Australian government. (Letter from the SBS is attached herewith).
Honorable Sir, as per your request, immediately after forming the new government, requesting the immigrants to come back to the mother country, I am also desperately looking forward to return to Sri Lanka. Hence sir, I humbly request your guidance and protection to pave the way for my safety return to Sri Lanka.
Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

G. Sasikaran
1.Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe
2.Honourable Minister of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media Mr. Gayantha Karunathilake
3.Honourable Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media Mr. Karunathilake Paranawithana
4.Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Mangala Samaraweera
5.Action committee for media freedom
6.Free Media Movement, Sri Lanka
7.Human Rights Commission

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