The only way preventing the country getting divided is from a federal system – TNA

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said that what is expected from a new constitution is only about how the power of the government is devolved.

18.12 TNA parliamentarian M.A. Sumandiran said “the best method to prevent the country getting divided is the devolving of power based on federal principles”

During a media communiqué held in Colombo yesterday the TNA parliamentarian said a permanent majority and permanent minority community exist in the country and according to the current electoral method all the decisions are taken only by the majority community.

Sumandiran said that this situation should be changed and amend the constitution where all the community in the country can use the governance.

The MP said if we need to find a solution to the national problem existing till 1949 is only by devolving the power.

Cannot comply with president’s statement
When a journalist questioned from the minister about the president’s recent statement that he would never agree for an international mediation, the TNA MP said that he cannot accept the contrary statement the president has made against his promise given to the international community.

The MP said the entire international community will never accept the president statement.

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