Gnanasara Thera Violates Prison Regulation While In Remand: Officials Turn Blind Eye

In stark violation of prison regulations, the officials of the Welikada prison had allowed more than 50 visitors to meet Bodu Bala Sena General Secretary Glaagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera who is currently in remand.
According to prison regulations, only three visitors are allowed to visit a suspect in custody, on a daily basis. In addition, any Parliamentarian can visit the prison at any time of the day without prior approval.
It is now clear that Prison officials have not followed these standard procedures when it came to the BBS General Secretary who was remanded in connection with charges of contempt of courts and threatening state officials.
He was transferred to the Welikada prison hospital last evening citing medical reasons. However, even after he was admitted to the hospital, over 100 Buddhist monks were allowed to see Gnanasara Thera, authoritative sources of the department said. They added that over 200 monks gathered near the prison hospital premises to visit Gnanasara Thera who was hospitalized due to an alleged illness.
It is still not clear as to why the prison officials have deviated from standard regulations when dealing with the General Secretary of the BBS, an ultra-nationalist Sinhala-Buddhist Organization.
Even the Commissioner General of the Prisons Department had visited Gnanasara Thera last evening.
Although Asian Mirror attempted to contact senior officials of the department to ask why Gnanasara Thera was given “special treatments”, our efforts did not bear fruit.

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