Minister rejects ”International aid” in investigating ”War Crime Investigation”.

International community should not demand an international process to investigate war crime allegations, pointed out Faiszer Musthapha, Minister of Provincial Council and Local Government. 

“Generally you call for an international process when you don’t have faith in the domestic mechanism. President Sirisena has put a very independent judicial mechanism in place. I don’t think the international  community should have any doubt over the judicial system which is in place which was further strengthened by the 19th Amendment,” he said, in an interview with the Daily FT.

fonseka_mahinda_gotabhayaHe made these remarks when asked about the much-discussed interview with President Sirisena by the BBC in which the former said foreign judges and prosecutors should not be involved when investigating alleged war crimes.

The Tamil community which lost more than 40,000 civilians lives due to killing by government forces im month of May 2009 alone has no faith in the domestic mechanism. They believe that the current government if fooling the International Community by giving false promises to investigate the killing of the Tamil Civilians and  killing of more than 1000 Ltte leaders and their family members who surrendered with White flag after UN officials negotiated the surrender in May 2009.

Since May 2009 the government under Mahinda or Maithiri/Ranil has NOT taken any positive realistic steps to find the truth, under the new government the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances (UN WGEID) confirmed that,  what Tamils in Sri Lanka have known for many years: the Sri Lankan state runs secret detention camps in which it holds and tortures Tamil detainees.

The UN WGEID’s announcement that it had discovered a “secret underground detention cum torture center” during its recent visit corroborates reports by Tamil victims and human rights groups that the Sri Lankan authorities are operating several secret camps to torture Tamils. but within months of this statements evidence of torture in these  camps have been wiped out by the government forces.

“The resolution co-sponsored by our government at the United Nations Human Rights Council is a mutual agreement entered into by Sri Lanka, as a sovereign member state of the UN, which recognises our responsibility to embark on a process of reconciliation among communities that will foster peace and prosperity.” says the Friday Forum.

It is no secret that War Crime took place in Sri Lanka by the Sinhala forces on the Tamil Community and Sinhala leaders be it Mahinda, Maithiri or Ranil are trying to cover up the War Crimes committed  and only an International Investigation will bring the truth in Sri Lanka.


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