Joint opposition sees hidden agenda behind Zeid’s visit

The joint opposition claims the hidden agenda behind the upcoming visit by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, is to setup a war crimes court in Sri Lanka.They are afraid that this War crime court will expose the killing of more than forty thousands of Tamil civilians by the Sinhala Army in May 2009. They are worried that Rape and killing of Tamil civilians will be exposed.

a536ae03359da6e4953cb80ccf766b39_LJoint opposition member Wimal Weerawansa says the war crimes court will be used to take action against the soldiers and former President who saved the country from terrorism. His statement itself proves that he is aware that War Crime were committed by Soldiers under the instruction of the then president Mahinda.

It is an open secret that more than 40,000 Tamil civilians were killed by the government soldiers in May  2009 and more than 1,000 LTTE leaders and their family members who surrendered with White flag after UN Officials negotiated the surrender were taken away and killed by the Army.

Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein will visit the North during his visit to Sri Lanka which begins on Saturday February 6.

Stunt Master Weerawansa known for his racist policies said that while the background is being set to betray the country to the international community the “spineless” Government is also attempting to end the political journey of his  friend former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He said that the arrest of Yoshitha Rajapaksa and the questioning of Shiranthi Rajapaksa is part of the attempt to end Mahinda Rajapaksa’s political future and will bring more corrupt dealings and money laundering done by the so called the ”Joint Opposition” praying on playing the racist card to come back to power so that they can hide their corrupt dealings and wealth gained under Mahinda’s rule.

Weerawansa said the public must rise against the Government for the manner in which it is attacking the former President.

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