our media hunting dogs must learn lesson from British journalists

Yoshitha_2(Lanka-e-News -01.Jan.2016, 8.00PM) The unscrupulous media coolies of Sri Lanka who are even descending beneath the level of latrine coolies in order to go hunting for the Rajapakses and his notorious crook of a son Yoshitha Rajapakse who is the pivot and center of the money laundering activities and fraud at the Carlton Sports Network (CSN) channel ,are writing reports not on the colossal fraud unearthed at the CSN , but on the tears that dropped from the eyes of Mahinda Rajapakse when criminal Yoshitha was remanded along with the other four suspects which included another notorious crook , Nishantha Ranatunge (younger brother of minister Arjuna Ranatunge) .

Perhaps if these media coolies had written that it is only on this occasion Mahinda’s tear drops were true and on all other occasions he shed  crocodile tears , which is the actual and absolute fact  , their reports could have been understandable and pardonable.

It cannot be forgotten how many parents  of children including those of Thajudeen shed tears truly (not crocodile tears)  over the their children who were killed  for no fault of theirs during the brutal, cruel criminal era of the Rajapakses. 

sri-lankaInstead of exposing the facts as they are , these media coolies who stink worse than the latrine coolies are writing sob stories about the pol sambol and rice given to Yoshitha in prison , and about the empty bombastic threats of Yoshitha’s younger brother Rocket Rohitha.

Not one journalist alias ‘hunting dog’   of this  new  breed of media scoundrels is writing and revealing to the people  about the grave crimes and criminalities committed by  Yoshitha which put him behind bars .Without  inquiring  from the police ,  they are  asking  only from the chieftain of the crooks  Medamulana why his son is in jail while  writing sorrowful tales about the tears that dropped  from Medamulana’s  eyes as though these  scoundrels have come to know that   Medamulana can cry  and about his   crocodile tears just yesterday .

The chieftain of the crooks Medamulana exclaimed ‘take revenge on me , but not on my son’ without realizing these crimes were all committed under his very nose when he was the president. That is , he could have halted those crimes if he wished then and there ,  when they were  being committed to the detriment of the country ,rather than conniving at them and paving the way for his son to go pell mell with his perfidies  and end in jail. In other words , it is obvious the so called beloved father  too has contributed to the present plight of his son .

If Yoshitha was taken into custody to take revenge on Mahinda , then why don’t these hunting pariah dogs of Mahinda also ask , was Nishantha Ranatunge taken into custody in order to take revenge on the minister of the present government Arjuna Ranatunge ?

May these pariah hunting media dogs learn a valuable  lesson from an incident that took place in England….

Some years ago,  a court in Britain sentenced an ex minister of Britain and his wife  to 8 months in jail. Mind you ,unlike in the case of Yoshitha’s most criminal activities committed for a long period of time involving many millions of rupees , that sentence was imposed just over a simple offence . The offence committed by the minister was , over speeding , and when paying the fine , it was inadvertently paid wrong  in respect of a lorry in the name of  his wife. Both the minister and wife were sentenced to 8 months imprisonment plus a fine based on criminal breach of trust charges. The minister’s age was over 80 years when he was imprisoned.

In connection with that  incident even though the media in Britain enjoyed full media freedom , the  media that displayed the photos of the couple  when they were being transported to the prison in a prison vehicle , and made a report of the offence and punishment ,  thereby warning others of the consequences of such offences , however did not  record the voice cuts of the minister couple or display the tears of the children of the minister or publish the comments in the face books of the children ,or make them say  ‘this is a political revenge against our parents  who are innocent.

‘ Believe it or not ,  even the website of the political party of the British  ex minister did not take steps to exonerate their former party member of the charges.

One main reason for such honorable conduct was , the whole of Britain including the media never stooped to levels of joining with the hunting groups to become their ‘hunting pariah dogs.’

Hence these media coolies in Sri Lanka by turning into ‘hunting pariah dogs’ instead of discharging their duties with dignity and honor are a disgrace and insult to all those civilized people who uphold moral values across the entire world.

Meanwhile the Sri Lanka police have today issued a media communiqué laying down the reasons officially why the crooked criminals of the CSN including Yoshitha Rajapakse and Nishantha Ranatunge were arrested and remanded .The communiqué is hereunder :


The suspects produced in Kaduwela magistrate court  in case No. B/9823/2015

1.) Based on a complaint lodged with the IGP by the campaign for  just society on 15 th March 2015 , this investigation was begun . Charges of money laundering and  misuse of state assets  were mounted against the Carlton Sports Network (CSN) media Institution . Money laundering is a most heinous organized crime . Therefore the Financial crimes investigation division (FCID) launched an investigation , and based on that under case No. B/ 9823/2015  , a report was filed and submitted to Kaduwela magistrate court.

So far 20 more reports have been submitted to the honorable court , and after reporting the progress to the honorable court , an order was obtained in regard to investigation. This investigation was conducted by the officers of the FCID under the ordinary criminal laws using the powers of investigation vested with all  other  police officers.

2.) The preliminary investigation of the officers was focused on the Rs. 234 million which was the CSN channel’s initial outlay for   the incorporation of the Co. This Company’s initial share was Rs. 700,004.00 , and its value was Rs. 7 million . However investigations into the subsequent capital collection for  the Co.  were via fake  transactions as well  as funds received from abroad illegally .

Investigations have revealed that CSN has collected the necessary balance capital received from a company of a foreign state via a transaction running into US $ 2.3 million. This transaction is linked to a project now under way of a foreign Co. that is investing in SL.

Further investigations revealed that there is nothing truthful pertaining to the  methods  through which the funds were supposedly received for the CSN . Therefore , it has to be legally and procedurally concluded that these are also  monies that were used for the initial outlay via money laundering.

03.) According to the records and registers of this Co. the share holders are all Directors of the Co. at the time of  launching .They are :
Rohana Welivita
Kavishan Dissanayake
Ravinath Fernando
Shadiya Karunajeewa

It is Nishantha Ranatunge who performed the duties of CEO.    When the e mail  messages relevant to the Co. were examined it is abundantly clear that Yoshitha Rajapakse the Navy lieutenant has carried on duties as the chairman of this Co. and as the chief who takes decisions .

4.) During the interrogation of these individuals in connection with this alleged money laundering activities , the reasons cited by them did not prove their innocence. Therefore under section 32 of the criminal procedure code , and sub section 109(05)  , by virtue of the legal powers vested in the police officer , and based on that  the honorable Kaduwela magistrate remanded these suspects until the 11 th of February 2016.

05.) In addition to the aforementioned charges, it has come to light these suspects have committed other offences including preparing forged documents, criminal breach of trust, criminal misappropriation , violating Customs regulations, and the Companies Act. It is has also been  revealed criminal activities have been indulged in through misuse of  State assets  .Based on these discoveries investigations are continuing.

06.) Without remanding these suspects , investigations cannot be carried out unhindered or successfully. In the circumstances the police FCID has necessity to produce the suspects before court and request that they  be placed in remand custody. After the full investigation , the file is to be sent to the Attorney General to file a case in the High court.

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