Tamils ready to take ten steps if Sinhalese took one – Vigneswaran

The Chief Minister of the Northern Province, C.V. Vigneswaran, today expressed appreciation of the government’s decision to sing the national anthem in Tamil at the Independence Day ceremony held in Colombo.

He stated that although it is a very small action in the name reconciliation it should be appreciated and that now a background has been created to foster unity and brotherhood between communities.

Sri Lanka has taken a major step towards reconciliation of the Tamils, by allowing the singing of the Sri Lankan national anthem in Tamil.

Northern Province Chief Minister Wigneshwaran voiced his happiness at the development. “I visited Nagaviharaya temple to express my happiness for singing National anthem in Tamil,” he said.

“If Sinhala people took one step towards us we Tamil people are ready to take 10 steps towards Sinhala people,” he was quoted as saying.

The chief minister was speaking to reporters after visiting the Sri Naga Vihara Buddhist Temple in Jaffna today.

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