Another protest by Drama King Wimal Weerawansa fails.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein arrived in the island this morning on a four-day visit at the invitation of the Sri Lankan government.

National Freedom Front organized a protest today against the visit of UN Human Rights Chief Zeid bin Ra’ad Al-Hussein, alleging that he was here to institute a ‘war crimes court.’ The Mahinda Rajapaksha government officials and Army are accused of killing more than 40,000 Tamil civilians in month of May 2009 wants to wipe it under the carpet. Their are evidence the government soldiers were involved in disappearances , Rape and killing of Tamil Civilians.

Protesters holding banners that read “Al Hussein hands off – Sri Lanka”, “We condemn your report” and “Don’t send war heroes to the guillotine” marched to the UN Office in Colombo from the Lipton Circus, and staged a protest outside the UN office.

Mahinda Rajapakshas close associate and called a racist NFF leader Weerawansa who has opposed equal rights to minority in Sri Lanka led the demonstrators and addressed the crowd gathered outside the UN complex.

Wimal Weerawansa is a known a ‘drama king’ who will do anything to gain publicity. he went on a ”FAST TO DEATH” Hunger Strike in the past, but gave up the protest as predicted by the public. “We will not let setting up courts in this country to fulfil the need of Western nations. Al-Hussein has come here to take our war heroes to guillotine, but we won’t allow that to happen,” Wimal Weerawansa said.

Zeid Al-Hussein pushed for a ‘hybrid court’ with local and international judges in his report on Sri Lanka published in September 2015. However, the final resolution passed on October 1, 2015, recommended a ‘domestic mechanism’ with international participation.

The UNHRC Resolution has created serious debate in the country with those who oppose it arguing that it will lead to international intervention in Sri Lankan affairs.

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