National Anthem sung in Tamil: Mahinda thanks MCR

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa expressed surprise about the National Anthem being sung in Tamil during the Independence Day celebrations on February 4.

He said this was something he did not expect. Mahinda Rajapaksa said that by doing so, those who decided on the move have created a problem where none existed and made his day. Mahinda was running out of support among his Sinhala Voters since ex-portion of corruption by his family members during his rule.

Speaking at a public event in Polpithigama, Kurunegala, he said feelings of animosity could surface by forcing something on the people which they had never requested. He said several Tamil and Muslim politicians had called him and criticised the move describing it as one which could create unnecessary problems. Making a scathing attack on the government, Rajapaksa noted that the people who elected the present rulers were in a state of despair as they have failed to deliver in all fronts.

The Maithiri/Ranil promised the voters that they will punish all the corrupt politicians during the Mahinda rule and punish the culprits as evryone will be treated equally, but Ranil is accused of protecting Gotha and Wimal Weerawansa when they were about to be arrested.

Several politicians who became millionaires during the Mahinda rule have taken cover under this government. Mahinda recently said that he used (abused!) his powers to help several MP’s now in Maithiri/Ranil government during his rule when they were with him and  got into in trouble with the law.

Rajapaksa well-known for Which hunting and operating ‘White Van’ culture to kill his opponents during his rule, denied various charges of misconduct against him and his family and identified them as efforts of a continuing political witch-hunt.

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