‘Fonseka To Reveal Secrets On Deal With LTTE’

fonsekaMinister of Special Assignment Sarath Amunugama said that Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka will reveal secrets on certain events which occurred during the war years in due course.

Speaking to media yesterday, Amunugama said that Fonseka will reveal details about the secret deal with the LTTE.

He will reveal the responsible parties who came to such a deal and what weapons were purchased using the money paid in the deal, Amunugama added.

 The Minister slammed the ‘Joint Opposition’ for shedding crocodile tears for the war heroes, forgetting how President Rajapaksa’s government treated the best army commander in the world. Recalling that he was also a member of the government at the time, he added that he was also to be blamed for what has happene

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