TNA yet to achieve political target

By S. Gurunathan
“We have not achieved our target yet. Our political journey will continue until we achieve our political ambition of self-determination within a merged North and East under a federal form of Constitution in a united Sri Lanka.

Until then our political activities will continue. We hope a reasonable political solution could be found through talks,” declared Rajavarothayam Sampanthan, Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) while addressing a meeting of members of the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Katchchi (ITAK) and members of public on Monday (29) evening held at his Trincomalee residence.
He said the TNA has not achieved its political target. “Our journey is to achieve a permanent political solution to six decade old Tamil problem. Having accepted the post of Leadership of the Opposition is not end of the problem.

It was meaningless to think that Tamil problem has come to an end with the acceptance of the opposition leader post. We could have accepted an important ministerial post to serve Tamil community in the sphere of development and fulfil the long standing other problems of the country via telephone contacts,” he said. Sampanthan added that Tamils had demanded separate state using arms. Currently Tamils hold political talks openly. Today Tamils live in a period openly saying their demands. “I respect the change of heart with the change of government, and feelings of Tamils and their shortcomings they face in their life,” he said.
Sampanthan further said that after he assumed office of the leader of the opposition he had undertaken several political trips locally and abroad regarding the question of finding a political solution for the ethnic problem. He had met diplomats, foreign leaders, and country’s President and Prime Minister. “But our political target is to find a permanent political solution under a federal form of government within the merged northern and eastern provinces,” he said.

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