‘Raviraj Shot Using Weapon Supplied By Pilleyan’

A weapon allegedly supplied by Pilleyan was used in the shooting of former MP Nadaraja Raviraj, the court was told yesterday during the Magisterial Inquiry into the murder.

The weapon has then been given to an individual named Charan who then handed it over to another person, the court was also told.

Anjelo Roy, a witness in the case, told the court that a man who was on the pavement approached Raviraj’s car and shot at it. He had arrived in a motorbike and the number was given to the police, Roy also said.

 In November 2015, the CID filed charge sheets against six individuals over the murder of former Parliamentarian Nadarajah Raviraj under the instructions of the Attorney General.

The six accused include two former LTTE (Karuna Faction) members, three Navy personnel and one individual from the police.

Raviraj died after being shot on his way to work on November 10, 2006. One of his guards also died in the incident. He was 44 at the time of death.

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