Thajudeen murder Updates

Friends reveal vital information in Thajudeen killing

Vital information, hitherto unexposed, with regard to the killing of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen came to light when two of his closest friends, Jeyapragash and Toufique, gave statements to the CID last week, say police headquarters sources.

Checks of their mobile phone bills show that they still have contact with a young politician and military officers suspected to be linked to the killing.

The CID has decided to again question the senior police officers and the judicial medical officer who had inquired into Thajudeen’s killing on 17 May 2012, but reported it was due to an accident.

Courts have now declared it to be murder.

The CID is again going through the statements given by the HQI as well as the crimes and traffic OICs of Kirulapone police and the HQI and the crimes OIC of Narahenpita police at the time.

It was the Kirulapone traffic OIC who had first reached the location where Wasim’s charred body was found in his gutted car.

His records say senior DIG Colombo at the time Anura Senanayake had arrived there around 3.00 am in the morning.

Websites have reported that it was highly suspicious that a senior policeman had visited the scene of a ‘road accident’ so early in the morning.

Thajudeen murder Updates – Namal Gave the order ??

Wasim-Thajudeen2The Story of Jailed Yoshita Rajapakse’s Ex.  Yasara was the cause of the Murder of Thajudeen seems to be just a rumor gone out of control with  Media going berserk sometime back.

acoding to sources..Namal Rajapakse is the alleged master mind behind the Ruggerites killing as result of the foiled purchase of  Havelocks Rugby Club. Its pretty simple it seems, Namal wanted the club and Thajudeen opposed the take over for which he was tortured and killed.

After Colombo’s Additional Magistrate Nishantha Peiris declared on Thursday that the ruggerite’s death appeared to be a murder. In what seems to be one of the tough cases for them, CID detectives made breakthroughs with foreign help.

One instance was with the help of British experts who came to Sri Lanka to retrieve phone call records from a mobile operator. They have been able to obtain more than two vital conversations linking one of those who was allegedly involved (capt. Tissa and Namal). In these conversations, matters relating to the incident had been discussed………………  read all

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