Can’t the Good Governance search our children’s?

A protest was staged today 9th opposite the fort railway station urging the government to return their children abducted by the navy. The parents alleged the Navy for abducting their children’s many years ago who still remain disappears.

The parents also alleged that the navy demanded extortions and following paying the extortions too they did not return their children.
They said they are suffering like this for the last eight years in search of their children and said the current president would hear their grievances and the injustice happened to them by the previous regime and dispense justice for them.

The protesters said in an impulsive voice although one year has been elapsed still they could find a clue about what happened to their children.

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena claimed that his victory in the elections saved his predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa from being hauled before an international war crimes court.

“He (Rajapaksa) was publicly lamenting that he was to be taken before a war crimes court and executed on an electric chair. The people who voted me against him have prevented that,” Sirisena said, responding to Rajapaksa’s statement on the UN human rights chief’s visit to the country.

Sirisena said his victory in elections in January last year over Rajapaksa was the reason why the former President was prevented from answering a war crimes probe. Rajapaksa, in a statement on UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein’s visit to the country had said that the government’s agreement to have a human rights probe on the last phase of the war with the LTTE was a “betrayal”.

Missing and disappeared persons most likely dead says Sri Lanka prime minister

Commenting on the number of civilian casualties, “We have a question mark as whether it is 40,000 but we are interested in finding out the actual number. We know there were casualties there had to be casualties in that type of fight. But we are interested in standing with the international community to determine the final numbers.”

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14 Nov 2013 – Sri Lanka’s civil war is officially over, but people are still being … After Iraq, Sri Lanka has the highest number of enforced disappearances in the world, the United Nations has said.the opposition candidate to President Mahinda Rajapaksa.Sri Lanka: ‘The air between dead and disappeared‘ – video.

Sri Lanka counts civilian war dead to counter war crimes claim › World › Sri Lanka

24 Nov 2011 – Defence minister admits to census of civilian dead in war against Tamil Tigers … by name all such persons (dead or missing)”, Rajapaksa said.

Saved Rajapaksa from international war crimes court – DNA › World

13 Feb 2016 – Sirisena said his victory in elections in January last year over Rajapaksawas the reason why theto investigate alleged atrocities committed during the long civil war that left tens of thousands dead.Hundreds of people are still missing.

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