Basil denies giving money to LTTE in 2005

Fonseka flays the Rajapaksas

Reiterates charge of fixed 2005 and 2010 elections, insists White Flag incident happened in his absence 

I had to leave the country for a few days for a military procurement matter. This was the period they did things, which came up as the White Flag Case. Their behaviour tarnished the clean fight we had, so people should know more about the White Flag case.

Fonseka spoke of the 2005 presidential elections, where he insisted former President Rajapaksa allegedly bribed LTTE Leader Prabhakaran with $2 million to boycott the vote, insisting he had been given this information by former Minister Basil Rajapaksa.

Former Minister Basil Rajapaksa today rejected allegations that any deal was struck with LTTE terrorist organization or its slain leader Prabhakaran during the Presidential Election in 2005 and that he had never carried out such a “traitorous” action.

In a clarification letter issued through his lawyer responding to a statement made by Minister Sarath Fonseka in Parliament recently, Rajapaksa says that it is a deliberate attempt to tarnish his image and terms the allegations as shameless, untrue and insulting.

Fonseka had claimed that he had been informed by Basil Rajapaksa that a sum of US$ 2 million received by a South Asian country was given to Prabhakaran to prevent the Tamil people in the North from voting at the 2015 Presidential poll.

The letter issued by Rajapaksa’s attorney states that further legal action would be instigated regarding the derogatory statement in the near future.

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